Thunderbird 78.3.2 has been released with improvements

Mozilla and the Thunderbird email client development team released version 78.3.2 on the fixed channel this morning. Existing Thunderbird installations will be automatically upgraded to the new version, provided the auto-update feature is not turned off and you have version 78.x installed.

The developers of the application report only one change and many corrections in the notes of the new version.

Thunderbird will no longer automatically install updates when you open the Preferences tab

This is not a significant change, but Thunderbird will defer the installation of updates for as long as the user leaves the preferences tab open. This is to give more time when one wants to use the preferences tab.

The notes of the new version lists a total of six fixes, some of which are related to the Windows operating system. The new version of Thunderbird improves dark mode, high contrast and interoperability with Windows themes The developers also seem to have fixed a Windows issue that made the installer unreadable if the operating system was in high contrast mode.

The built-in OpenPGP feature has been improved. The new version brings support for encryption with subkeys and fixes an appearance problem that affected encrypted messages with international characters.

Address book search functionality was also repaired, as address list searches did not return results in the previous version of the program.

Finally, the deletion of the recipients was resumed. It is now possible to click on any recipient listed in the TO, CC or BCC fields to remove it immediately.

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