Thunderbolt 5 from Intel

After some information was leaked a few hours ago, Intel has officially introduced the next generation of the Thunderbolt data transfer standard. The new Thunderbolt 5 technology promises to offer a huge boost in speeds and capacity compared to the current Thunderbolt 4 standard.

intel thunderbolt 5

Intel's official announcement provides some information that was not present in the previous leaks.

The company claims that Thunderbolt 5 will be able to power “multiple 8K displays” for content creators. and handle displays with refresh rates up to 540Hz for high-end gaming.

Finally, the company says it will be able to power three 4K displays with refresh rates up to 144 Hz

2 intel thunderbolt 5

For those looking to use the new technology to connect external devices, Intel says it will offer twice the bandwidth, compared to current Thunderbolt 4 standards, for products like external SSDs and external GPUs. This could give access to a lot of laptops that need the latest graphics cards.

Speaking of laptops, Intel says it will allow multiple laptops to have just one cable that can have charging and display capabilities.

Intel says that normal two-way data speeds for Thunderbolt 5 will be at 80 Gbps, but that it will be able to handle omnidirectional bandwidth speeds of up to 120 Gbps for better video display support. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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