Eventually the Tiangong-1 satellite at 3: 16 PM

The Chinese Tiangong-1 space station eventually passed the Earth's atmosphere and landed somewhere in the southern Pacific Ocean.

The huge spaceship crashed at 3:16 pm on April 1, according to the US Strategic Administration (Strategic Command), which was able to confirm the exact point of re-entry along with services from eight other countries.Tiangong-1

The crash of the space station stopped a seven-year orbit of the vehicle that ultimately did not fall in a residential area.

The complete disappointment of the danger experts who at times reported that the station could hit Greece…

In fact, it was very difficult to determine exactly where Tiangong-1 fell.

On Sunday afternoon, trackers were able to limit the time it took for the spacecraft to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere with an approximate time frame of three to four hours.

But the location of the space that would fall was still variable.

Why; The space station revolved around the Earth at 27.359 kilometers per hour. Thus, if an estimate were wrong by one hour, the station would fall 27.359 kilometers away from the designated point.

The crash of the Tiangong-1 stopped many years of worrying about where the spacecraft would land. The space station was a very heavy vehicle and many experts predicted that the Earth's atmosphere would not be able to break it into small pieces.

However, the chances of it not hitting a residential area were very high, as the Earth is mostly covered by oceans.

In fact, the risk of someone dying from space debris is one in 1 trillion, according to Aerospace Corporation, a nonprofit that conducts research and guidance on space missions. (PDF)

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