TikTok for Europe: staff in China have access to your data

TikTok tells European users of the platform that their data can be monitored by workers outside the continent, including in China.

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The Chinese video app has updated its privacy policy to confirm that staff from other countries, including China, are allowed to access user data to ensure their experience on the platform is "consistent, enjoyable and secure" .

The other countries where TikTok staff will be able to access European user data are Brazil, Canada, Israel, as well as from the US and Singapore, where European user data is currently stored.

This data can be used to carry out checks on the platform, on the performance of its algorithms, for example, which recommend content to users and identify annoying automated accounts.

TikTok has previously admitted that some of its user data is accessed by employees of the company's parent company, ByteDance, in China.

We should mention that the paradox in this case would be if he informed us that company employees do not have access to proprietary data.
The privacy policy of social media explicitly states that once you upload data, it does not belong to you.
The other thing they don't mention but everyone knows by now is that: you are the product, along with your data..

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