TikTok no acquisition move by Microsoft

The deadline for the acquisition of TikTok expires tomorrow, September 15, and the Chinese company is probably preparing to close in the United States since the agreement with Microsoft will not be completed.

Microsoft was interested in buying TikTok, but it seems that the deadline of September 15 is very close and according to an announcement today, the agreement will not be completed.

"ByteDance informs us today that TikTok businesses in the US will not be sold to Microsoft. We are confident that our proposal would be good for TikTok users, while protecting the interests of national security. To do this, we would make significant changes to ensure that the service met the highest standards of security, privacy, cybersecurity and the fight against misinformation. "We look forward to seeing how the service evolves in these important areas," said Microsoft.

Meanwhile, more information is coming from China, where the acquisition of TikTok is not so acceptable. A Reuters post revealed that the Beijing government would rather see TikTok leave US companies than allow the takeover.

Microsoft initially promised to move all US user data to the United States in an effort to comply with US privacy requirements.

"Microsoft will ensure that all private data of American TikTok users is transferred to the United States. "If this data is stored or backed up outside the United States, Microsoft will ensure that this data is deleted from servers outside the country after it is transferred," the company said.

More information about the future of TikTok in the United States should be announced shortly.

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