Distance learning the expected Monday fiasco and lies

Problems are noted with the good morning in distance education for all the Gymnasiums and Lyceums of the country. Students try to access the webex platform in the morning, but in many parts of the country access is not possible.

Of course, this issue was expected, as Greece does not have the infrastructure to support such internet consumption. It is no coincidence that the Ministry issued a statement stating that we should avoid using the internet during peak hours.

Let me mention that SKAI openly supports the government declares that "the problem is not only with our country, it is the servers of the Cisco Systems network that has fallen across Europe".

I am currently writing this post through a CONNECTION network that uses Cisco Systems servers. So as you understand the information is not so objective.

On the other hand the webex service seems to have problems.


And all this so that some do not take responsibility. We are talking about those who support individual responsibility, forgetting the responsibility of the State.

What is the responsibility of the State, the people in charge probably know this better. Money has been provided by the European Union for subsidies for connections and second computer. Do all families have enough computers for children (distance learning) and adults (teleworking)?

Update: The article was updated to add the status of webex

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