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  1. Okay Lefteris. From what you wrote about your experience, they arrive. You have covered me. Especially the insults you use in every comment enrich this rich experience even more, you know. I can only imagine the prestige that you will have as a person in discussions with other professionals όμως But I advise you to look a little further what is wrong in this case with Webex, it will do you good. You will stop exposing yourself in public.
    As for my knowledge, I will not go into the process because you do not deserve at all levels dude someone to chat with you. And I'm not touching you as a professional right now. I touch you as a human being. When blaming the other person for rubbish, do not wait for him to sit down and pick it up. Continue as you go with the analysis of the ready ms docs so that all of us who look Chinese, pinches and no guide for weekend hacking can show some who do static malware analysis how long you need to break the hash from the neighbor WPA2, and all is well. It's the fault of the state we said. SKAI, the First Issue, Gandalf, and the Coronavirus. See you!

  2. I have no pressure, nor do I accuse anyone of writing that no network has crashed. If you understand this, you need to re-read my answer and understand what I mean. But as a man of technology I can not read things that do not stand. Especially from people who claim to have technical knowledge. Obviously you who sign that you are wondering what you are still doing here and you went to the trouble of asking if my pressure is okay (because obviously yours was red), maybe in the end you are rightly wondering. You have probably never been involved in a large-scale project in the private sector to see how much worse the situation is in the public sector in a similar project. The other one who made an equation in order to find out the real requirements of a network based on the needs that supposedly exist from the number of students that supposedly entered at the same time, the companies that supposedly do not work and the population of Greece based on the last census before 9 years, he asks me to find out if I'm serious! Alani, do you have in mind the real possibilities of the services per provider? Are you sure you want to use the keyboard if there is a problem with the platform? Ever been told that style data is not always valid? Really, do you have any contact with the object or because you did 1-2 reviews in Android and Windows Updates applications did you become an expert in networks? As for "individual responsibility" I can not explain. If you do not understand what I mean, let it be big. But I will answer you in closing (because I spent a lot of time answering stupid news for today) that my own time closet does not fit many things. Because I am sure that yours is much bigger, you can put your inflated fanfares that are only considered clickbait by serious professionals in your time wardrobe. Ate and I was very busy!

    • sorry I asked Lefteris if he has pressure

      • No, I do not have, but also find George to touch SKAI?

    • You do not even touch my professional experience in computer science that I have for 16 years, even in your imagination, even if it could become a porn issue to satisfy yourself. When I spat blood to set up and maintain information systems, your bones were soft or whatever else you have in this condition.
      One who "wonders what he is doing here" has such a history in the field of information technology that your own knowledge in the use of mask and "dslam 5 kilometers" can be compared to the level of a mentally handicapped person who you could probably overcome, but not sell. nonsense to George and everyone who writes in here.
      You sit and tease the articles when there are topics that do not exist in any Greek and foreign website - except in MS Docs without a practical application guide because there are simply not many who can apply them practically, there are hacking application presentations that you can not even read them and understand what they refer to. To see your controversy and opinion on these issues? Not for fun, right?

      What do you have to argue about? Your inability to argue logical arguments stemming from your own knowledge and experience? The google search is over and you's left to show your morale, who can make us cry? What was your reference to ""? Were you looking to find "SYZEFXIS"?

    • You continue to be mocked. Why not comment on some of the ready-made ms docs to tell us when you applied them in your life, what issues you faced and to list your experience and solutions? Are you kidding, enterprise solutions are played by everyone in their homes and are not Chinese eh?
      Why not comment with your knowledge on network / data security issues, submit your suggestions and make corrections?
      In the exchange of information and sharing of experiences (on the subject) the character does not play a role, you give and take data, not droplets. There was never an insult / irony to a question or question or a mistake in the comments, you could have written your opinion and you should have written it.
      Your attack and the complaint about what he had the right to write, your characterization of seriousness, that got an answer.
      Take it off and keep writing on a website that if you were elsewhere you would eat erasing and blocking, well everything you wrote fits into a site for stupid and clopy-paste presentations, do not level and rank this site at the levels you own and do not impose any opinion writes the columnist.

  3. Who to take responsibility dude, do you read what you write ??? What government can in such a short time and with these conditions immediately solve the issue of infrastructure in a country with an economic situation similar to Greece? So what were you all waiting for? That the children would come in normally and everything would work perfectly from day one? To get a little serious. You are talking about individual responsibility. Who among those irresponsible people who took the summer on the islands and the autumn in the squares, ever took individual responsibility for what he did? Do you have any idea how many hundreds of dead brainless people got around their necks with their indifference? Take a look at the statistics.
    It's not down to Cisco servers, it matters little. When most households are connected to aDSL and closer to DSLAM at 5 km cable. The infrastructure that needs to be done is being built. Slow, but they are made. Do not forget that the country for the last 10 years was from memorandum to memorandum, while governments changed like shirts.
    See a little more coolly and objectively all of you the problem. The easiest thing in the world is to upload a page and judge others. And finally the most difficult is to understand that if you were in their place, the situation would probably be the same. Not to say worse. Well done!

    • You accuse the author of the article not to write that no network fell, because "some went out in the squares", "some had a party on the islands" and because there is an increase in transmission of covid 19 "because of brainless" so for all these unconnected with " 5km DSLAM ”and whatever else a rough google search offered, what do you suggest to do?
      Despite the proof of the opposite, should we "responsibly" embrace the news that "servers have crashed into the Cisco network" and what happened in London concerns our country? The SYZEFXIS network, which I testify works perfectly and in my prefecture knows what it is and why it is offered as proof?
      What is the focus of your criticism? Do not publish the reality?

      Already due to Lockdown the ABSOLUTE MAJORITY of businesses in our country are closed, public services and banks are under-functioning and the entire e-learning system is based on the respective telecommunications company that has students' homes to connect with their teachers.
      617.673 are the students of the secondary education in 2020 (data: who do not correspond to 617.673 unique connections but let us consider that it is so.
      So in this context in which the country's telecommunications network has the least use it could have, in a country of 11 million inhabitants, with telecommunications providers being criticized a few times by EETT and the EU for the poor quality of services provided to their subscribers, instead of any problems that have occurred or will occur to bring them to their responsibilities, is the magic (now!) "individual responsibility" coming and its followers to blame the citizens for this as well?
      Did we, as Greek citizens, drop a server in London and cause a problem in e-learning? You serious;
      No, this censorship and the refraction of the vision of our democracy through the prism of the logic that the citizens serve the state and not the state the citizens and the journalism does the same, you return in full.
      Put the practices of totalitarianism in your closet.. Reality will be deposited even if it provokes your ideological reaction.

      • do you have pressure when was the last time you were measured?

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