Teleworking as money laundering

An incredible story has been uncovered by the FBI in America where cybercriminals hire unemployed people because of covid-19 for telework and use them as money traffickers.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the growing number of redundancies due to the current pandemic and recruiting employees for teleworking, when in fact they are destined to help them launder money obtained from illegal activities.

The story unfolds in America but it is not at all difficult for the combina to reach our country. The experts are sending emails trying to "fish" internet users from Canada and the United States, who may have lost their jobs due to covid-19, to start working from home, promising them as much as $ 5.000 a year. month.

Potential victims are not provided with any other information about what this telework requires, but are instead asked to request more information via email.

There have also been cases of Wells Fargo Human Resource (HR) representatives pretending to hire part-time workers from all over the United States to take on personal assistant positions.

According to a report by PhishLabs, if the unemployed victim accepts the fraudsters' job offer, he will be asked to perform a series of simple tasks. However, when the perpetrator gains the victim's trust and credibility, the victim will be instructed to transfer funds through their personal accounts, which are the product of theft or extortion, etc.

The purpose of the trafficking is for the illegal funds to pass through the accounts of ordinary citizens so that they either lose their traces or do not connect directly with them. Do you mean that in America as well as everywhere in the world, the trafficking of money from illegal activities is prohibited and even punishes traffickers even if they did not know their origin.

According a press release issued by the US Department of Justice, money traffickers are also criminals.

The FBI also entered the dance informing internet users that "Acting as money launderers and allowing others to use your bank account or make financial transactions on behalf of others not only endangers your financial security and personal information, but is also a crime." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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