Tim Cook: We were thinking of buying some big companies but none of our tests


During the Goldman Sachs conference, Tim Cook was asked whether there is anything in Apple's culture or in its business model that prevents large acquisitions.

Some analysts have speculated that Apple may be interested in buying Dell or Nokia, but Apple has not bought any of the two and has focused on smaller companies. Tim Cook responded by saying that Apple is not against the big companies, but none of them went through their tests.

Cook said that over the last five years, Apple every second month buys a company, but each one of them or has very smart people or have the intellectual property of very good ideas.

Whether Apple will buy a company or not depends on whether intelligent people or the intellectual property of the company help Apple to create better products. Cook explained how they decided to buy PA Semi a few years earlier.

"When we acquired PA Semi we were in the process of creating the machine that has the iPhone today. We got the amazingly capable team and we used it to create the iPhone, iPad and iOS " Cook said. "We made many similar moves and we will definitely do more."

Apple was interested in buying big companies, but Cook said none of them managed to pass their various tests. "I'm sure we will try again, but we are disciplined and have goals, and we do not feel pressure to go out and buy a big company. But if some of them can help us create amazing products, then we will fall over them. "

It seems that Apple might buy a big company in the years to come, but that culture should fit perfectly with Apple's, so they can either create new amazing products or further refine existing ones. On the other hand, why a company that could offer Apple to accept its takeover from her?

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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