Time4Popcorn Netflix for pirates breaks

The following information, certainly has made Hollywood studios to conceal: The application Time4Popcorn has been installed in over 1,4 million devices in the United States alone.


According to TorrentFreak, most application users come from the United States, where Time4Popporn is installed on more than 1,4 million devices. However, there are only 100.000 active users in the country, but the number of new installations reaches about 15.000 per day.

The so-called "Netflix for Pirates" application provides users with BitTorrent-powered streaming with a really easy to use interface similar to the Netflix application.

Its implementation Time4Popporn released earlier this year and its popularity since then, has grown too much despite the efforts of the studios to stop it. When the original developers decided to stop developing, they left the source code free to the public, and so others were found to continue their work.

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