The Deep Web Timeline

After a lengthy 16 trial, unprecedented in the history of the global judicial system, Ross William Ulbricht was found guilty of seven charges, including money laundering and drug trafficking. It all started in Deep Web.DeepWeb

Ross William Ulbricht, also known as "Dread Pirate Roberts," is the founder of the online drug market Silk Road, famous for drug trafficking and more generally anything related to crime. It faces a potential lifespan for deals that took place in an area we all share and usually take for granted: cyberspace.

Most people heard about it Deep web., when Ulbricht was arrested and details were made public on how big a site was Silk Road. It is now known that the Deep Web is a source of content that is not visible to those who do not know.

Our daily online habits take place on the surface of the web, and include web browsing that their content is indexed by crawlers searching and collecting data. On the surface of the web, search results show social pages, games, and more.

It is believed that the surface tissue is estimated to be is only 0,03% of the total content of the Internet detected by search engines.

Trend Micro researchers have identified the term "Deep Web" as "a category of content on the Internet that, for various technical reasons, is not indexed by search engines."

To put it literally, the content hosted on Deep Web is hidden, difficult to locate and anonymous. Recently, the Blackhat featured some of the features of DeepWeb, such as Onion Router (TOR), used by hackers (and not just) to hide their location.

Note, however, that many people mistakenly equate the Deep Web to refer only to the Onion Router (TOR) network. This is extremely inaccurate as TOR is just one of only three darknets to offer anonymity. The other two are I2P and Freenet.

DeepWeb is also full of websites and content hosted on alternative top-level domains or "rogue TLDs" that are not visible to most of us.

The TimeLine of Deep Web

The following chart shows the important events of the Deep Web:

deep web timeline

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