Tiny10 2303 updated light Windows 10 for old systems

Tiny10 and Tiny11 are popular projects that aim to offer users light Windows with a significantly reduced disk footprint and no unnecessary features.

The latest versions include Tiny11 and Tiny11 for ARM. Starting today you can download Tiny10 in version 2303 which uses the latest Windows 10 update.tiny10

Tiny10 2303 is made mainly for those who have old computers that cannot run Windows 10 properly, not to mention Windows 11. It is only for the x86 architecture (based on Windows 10 LTSC 2021) and requires just a little more than 5 GB of disk space.

Version 2303 brings some notable improvements and changes:

  • The release includes the component store, allowing you to update the operating system and add new features.
  • Remote Desktop is included.
  • Windows Defender is included, providing basic security without third-party apps.

You can download it Tiny10 2303 from the Internet Archive.

Your operating system is not activated and you will need a valid Windows 10 key (or one from Windows 7 and 8).

Don't use it if you don't trust it. Alternatively, you can create your own light windows using this guide.

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