Tiny10 x64 23H1 just released

Earlier this year, NTDEV (@NTDEV_ on Twitter) released the tiny10 2303 for those who need a light and modern version of Windows 10 with a very small disk footprint and the latest updates.

The original version was only available in x86 or 32-bit version. But today tiny10 2303 or “23H1” was released in the x64 architecture with all the advantages of its “brother”.

windows 10 2c

Like tiny10 2303 x86, build 23H1 is based on the same Windows 10 LTSC 21H2 (build number 19044.3031). Its main feature is that you can download monthly updates while maintaining a low installation profile and small disk footprint. According to the developer, tiny10 23H1 is for those who want the basic Windows experience with all the necessary features and security measures.

Another notable feature of the new version of tiny10 is the in-place upgrade capability. In other words, you can update tiny10 23H1 from older versions of tiny10 without needing a clean install.

It's worth mentioning that "23H1" is just a "nominal exaggeration" that indicates a release from the first half of 2023. Microsoft's official version of Windows 10 is version 22H2, and the company has made it clear that users should not wait any newer version or any major feature updates. 22H2 will be the last version of Windows 10, with the end of support scheduled for October 2025.

You can download tiny10 23H2 from the Internet Archive.

You can try to use it without permission, but the installation will start annoying you with activation prompts, dark desktop background and various others.

If you want a more modern, light version of Windows, check out the tiny11, which offers the best of Windows 11 without unnecessary features or bloat.

If you don't trust third-party Windows modifications, see this guidewhich shows how to DIY a light ISO of Windows with your personal preferences.

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