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Last month, @NTDEV_, creator of the tiny10/11 Windows mod, released tiny10 version 23H2, a modern image of Windows 10 that has been stripped of all unnecessary elements. Those using Windows 11 can also try a lightweight OS as tiny11 23H2 has just been released.

tiny11 23H2 is a modified Windows 11 ISO rebuilt using the open source tool OSDBuilder with a few additional tweaks. The tool ensures that the project is compatible with most Windows components, applications and updates. As a result, you have a modern and reliable operating system that takes up much less disk space than regular Windows 11.tiny11 23h2

Another big change in tiny11 23H2 is Xbox Identity Provider support, meaning that the of tiny11 can finally play games downloaded from the Microsoft Store and use Xbox-related services.

It's worth noting that despite the ISO version being listed as 23H2, the latest tiny11 is still based on Windows 11 22H2 as the 23H2 version hasn't been released yet. Again, though, “23H2” only indicates a release from the second half of 2023.
There are two more things to consider before downloading tiny11. First, it is not activated. Θ @NTDEV_ provides users with a light modification of Windows, not a pirated Microsoft operating system.

Second, consider the potential privacy implications when downloading modified Windows ISOs and make sure you trust the developer before using tiny11 for your daily tasks. Alternatively, you can create your own tiny11 using it OSDBuilder script.

You can download tiny11 in version 23H2 from the Internet Archive. The ISO is only for the x64 architecture for now (Windows 11 is not available in 32-bit), but the developer says that an ARM64 variant will be available soon.

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