Disable TLS 1.0 in Windows 10

TLS or Transport Layer Security is an encryption protocol used for network security. However, this version is no longer supported. So if you have TSL 1.0 for your computer security you will need to change it to a newer version.

Below we will see how you can disable TLS 1.0 in Windows 10.

transport layer security

Most browsers no longer support TLS 1.0. They usually support the latest version of TLS 1.2.
There are at least two ways you can turn off TLS 1.0 in Windows 10

1] With Internet Properties

The easiest way to disable TLS 1.0 is through Internet Properties. So to disable this protocol follow the steps below.

internet properties

Search for Internet Options or Internet Properties in Windows Search from the Start menu.
On the Advanced tab, scroll down to Use TLS 1.0 and click Apply - Ok.

2] From the Registry Editor

To deactivate the protocol from Registry Editor, start Registry Editor from the Start menu (search for “regedit”).

When it opens follow the path:


Right-click on Protocol, select New> Key and name it "TLS 1.0". Now, right click on TLS 1.0, select New> Key and name it "Client".

Right-click the Client, select New> DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it "Enabled". Now, since the default value of Enabled is 0, TLS 1.0 will be disabled. However, if you want to turn it on again, just change the value data to 1.

That's it. Whichever way you choose, TLS 1.0 will be disabled by your system.



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