Enable TLS 1.3 on Firefox and Chrome

Below we will see how you can enable TLS 1.3 (Security Layer Security) support in Firefox and its Chrome .

Layer Security Transport, or briefly TLS, is an encryption protocol that you use for secure communication between computers. The current version of TLS is 1,2 while TLS 1,3 is currently available as Draft.

TLS 1.3 builds on TLS 1.2 but offers significant security and privacy protections over TLS 1.2 supported by web by default.TLS 1.3

Let's see how we can enable TLS 1.3 support in Firefox and Chrome

Both Firefox and Chrome support TLS 1.3, but the new Transport Layer Security version is not enabled by default. The main reason for this, most likely, is that it is still available only as a draft (or imagine something like a beta)

One of the first things to do is look at which TLS and SSL protocols support our browser.

This can be done easily with a visit to SSL Labs and from there to My Client page which controls the features of your browser.

The page will show you all the protocols supported by your browser, check if it is vulnerable to some known attacks, lists the supported encryption suites, protocol details, and how the mixed content manages the browser.

If you open the page with Chrome or Firefox you will see a "no" next to TLS 1.3

Enable TLS 1.3 in Firefox

Firefox users can enable TLS 1.3 support in Firefox by following the instructions: (note that Nightly already supports TLS 1.3 while Firefox Stable should be configured to support it).

Open the page: about: config in the Firefox address bar.

Confirm that you will be careful on the screen s (because you will lose the warranty).

The Firefox Configuration Editor will open.
Look for security.tls.version.max
Change the value to 4 by double-clicking on it.

Enable TLS 1.3 in Chrome

Google Chrome users can also enable TLS 1.3 in their browser. For some Chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi, you can follow the same guidelines.

Open the chrome: // flags / # ssl-version-max page in your browser's address bar.
Click the menu and set the value to TLS 1.3.
Recheck of the browser.

That's it…

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