48% of young people already have iPhone while the rest of 62% is planning to buy


Analyst firm Piper Jaffray in a survey of what technology company preferred youngsters under 18 first found Apple, and second Google, which also made some progress. Despite many analysts predicting the destruction of Apple, 48% of respondents said they already had an iPhone while the rest of 62% intends to buy.

Quoting a few results from the survey:

  • 91% of teens say they plan to buy a smartphone for their next high-tech device, up from 86% last spring and 90% last fall
  • 59% of teens say they are likely to buy an iOS device (unchanged from fall) and 21% are likely to buy an Android device (was 20%)
  • Among high-income families, iOS preference rises to 70%
  • 48% of teens already own an iPhone, compared with 40% last fall
  • 62% of teens plan on making their next mobile device iPhone (flat vs. fall 2012)
  • 23% expect to buy an Android phone, up from 22% last fall
  • 51% already owns a tablet, up from 44% last fall
  • Among teens who own tablets, 68% own iPads, down from 72%
  • 17% of teens plan on buying a tablet in the next 6 months (vs. 20% Fall 2012)
  • 68% plan to buy an iPad (54% full size / 14% Mini)

The survey was conducted among 5.200 students, of whom 1.600 was from high income families, while the rest of 3.200 were from middle income families.

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