The next iPad mini may have Retina screen [Reputation]

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While this rumor is not surprising, it will surely thank those who kept their money waiting for a iPad mini with Retina screen. According to sources in Taiwan, the Apple will actually enhance the screen on the next model iPad mini giving it a 2058 × 1536 resolution and 362 pixel-per-inch.

We do not know if the above specifications are absolutely accurate, because the analysis is the same as they have iPad third and fourth generation and in addition the fame comes from DigiTimes, which almost never falls into. However, one Retina screen sounds quite reasonable, given that all other i-devices already have and that the low resolution screen it has now is one of its biggest drawbacks.

Of course, one Retina screen has similar effects. It is believed that the Apple chose not to put Retina screen to make the device as thin as possible. A Retina screen would also require a larger battery to support it, thus making the device have a larger volume.

However, rumors want her Apple to prepare to welcome her IGZO technology on the screens, for the next models of i-devices, thus making one Retina iPad mini reality. The IGZO technology has quite a reduced power consumption, while at the same time delivering the same quality we have learned from iPad third and fourth generation.

It is still too late to make such an appearance iPad mini, so until then we will definitely hear a lot of rumors coming from more reliable sources.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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