The Internet of Things will lead 2015 developments

The sensors to be used in the Internet of Things will be the ones that will boost the sales of microprocessor manufacturers over the next few years.

Internet of Things

This is the forecast made by the KPMG consultancy firm for 2015, according to a Venture Beat report. 155 companies participated in the KPMG survey and according to the data gathered, their main revenues will come from sensors, large data applications and medical equipment in the next few years.

Also, in the long run, research has shown that significant revenue for the industry will come from biometric devices, embedded automotive technology and robotics.

The report is diffused with optimism for the Internet of Things, as many manufacturers, such as Intel, are considered to have made it a key priority in their design. After all, the report as a whole is more positive than last year, reflecting the industry's highest optimism.

More than 80% of respondents said they expect revenue and profit growth over the next few years. Approximately 61% of respondents expect the sensor sector (for cars, video applications, touch screens, wearables and for Internet of Things) to grow significantly during 2015.

66% of the companies that participated in the KPMG survey believe that the medical industry will be a "great opportunity" in the years to come. Also, 62% considers that network and telecom products will have the most growth in 2015.

It is also estimated that cloud, big data and wireless / mobile applications will make a significant contribution to the revenue of processors.

Finally, the executives of the companies estimate that the US, China and India will continue to be the most important markets for the next three years. 87% of microprocessor companies had revenue over one billion over 2014.


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