IOS 7 has delays and Apple binds OS X 10.9 engineers to complete


Yesterday, a very interesting discussion on the platform began Branch among some of the most well-known Apple columnists in America including iMore's Rene Ritchie and John Gruber from Daring Fireball's and others from sites like 9to5mac and engadget.

So according to the discussion that took place, Jony Ive is working feverishly for the long-awaited iOS 7 but there are delays in its implementation. This, according to the sources of the interlocutors, led Apple to commit some of the engineers of OS X 10.9 to wait for its completion by the summer.

"What I've heard: iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it."

Let us stress here that it will not be the first time that Apple will do this as a commitment from other parts of the company, and OS X is back in the first iPhone, which has led to a delay of the Leopard functional.

John Gruber went on to say that there are already versions of iOS 7 that some Apple employees with special rights use on a daily basis but it is very difficult to see since their iPhones have a special filter on the screen to prevent clarity from angular views of the mobile.

Word on the street is that iOS engineers with carry privileges all have some sort of polarizing filter on their iPhone displays, so that it greatly reduces viewing angles, making it difficult for observers to see the seemingly rather significant system-wide UI overhaul.

Knowing the secrecy of Apple in new releases, the above does not impress us and is probably true.

The discussion continued with reference to Apple's upcoming events that everyone said we might have one in April or early May for the presentation of a renewed iPad and finally for the summer that even after WSJ's announcement yesterday we will probably see iPhone 5S .

Finally, the first references to the design of iOS 7 state, according to the above authors, that Jony Ive will bring a clean and minimalist design, opening a new page in the appearance of the operating system.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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