The iPhone 5 compared to RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Z10 [Video]


You may have noticed the "bustle" that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 series of Reasearch in Motion (RIM) has caused at various technology sites. And it makes sense, the fans of the company have been waiting for these devices for several years now and have bet all their hopes on them. In addition, the devices will prove if RIM is able to save itself and re-enter the competition.

The first BB10 devices will not be officially presented by the end of the month, but many have found their way out of company and factory and started making their appearance in various videos on the internet. The following video shows one of these devices, the BlackBerry Z10, compared to iPhone 5 in both size and features.

As you can see the iPhone 5 is a bit thinner and has a more 'premium' look and feel, it has no plastic anywhere. However, the BlackBerry Z10 does not go back to look, the screen size looks good and RIM seems to have kept design as simple as possible.

In a simple voice control test, Z10 was quicker and more accurate to send a message. It also has better multitasking because it offers users live previews from apps, not a simple image. As for the home screen, both iOS and BB10 are exactly the same, with the icons below the application name.

Of course, Z10 and its operating system may not be in their final version and there may be some changes, but RIM seems to be making a big effort to get back into the competition and we will soon find out whether or not to do it.

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