Leap Motion Controller for Mac will be released on 19 March and will have its own App Store


The Leap Motion Controller may be the future of computers. Perhaps it is also a very good invention that is far ahead of its time. Soon we will know, as the release date was officially announced.

The people behind Leap Motion confirmed that the device will begin shipping to customers who pre-ordered it on 13 March while it will be available for purchase for all others at 19 March.

"We are delighted with all of this world that has joined the Leap Motion community, developers, people who have pre-ordered even business partners," said Leap Motion CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald. "We know they are waiting for it and how, today I am pleased to announce that the Leap Motion Controller will be available soon. We took as much time as we needed to offer a unique experience to the user and a powerful application ecosystem with which consumers can discover the power and magic of Leap Motion. "

The Leap platform will allow users to handle their computer as in the Minority Report. Leap Motion is a small bar that you put in front of the computer screen and it monitors your hand movement.

So far, the biggest challenge for Leap Motion is to make applications support it. Several renowned companies such as Realmac have already supported, but there are still plenty to do to grow the platform.

The good news is that the device will have its own app store which listens to the name Airspace. Autodesk will release a plugin for its famous program, while Corel, Painter's applications already support it. In addition, companies such as Disney and ZeptoLab will be supporting some of their titles for the device.

The Leap Motion Controller will cost only 80 dollars and will work on Mac OS X 10.7-8 and Windows 7-8.

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Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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