Apple's smartphone market share will peak at 22% within 2013


While we have seen positive news in recent months about Apple's smartphone market share, we can not deny that the world's dominant market is at the moment Android.

Apple may grow another share in the global market this year, but an analyst believes that this year it will reach its peak, unless Samsung makes some jokes.

ABI Reasearch today released its smartphone market forecast and says Apple will peak at 22% this year and will remain there until 2018, while Samsung will increase its dominance.

Samsung saw its market share grow from 8% to 30% 2012, and this was mainly due to Android and its large range of handsets. ABI says Samsung may be working with other operating systems, such as Windows Phone and OS Bada, over the next few years, trying to expand even further.

Apple, for its part, may actually release this smaller iPhone that rumors want last month, trying to grow its share and reach out to consumers looking for something cheaper and not paying to pay for the expensive model.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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