Going to Apple Store is like taking Prozac, according to Tim Cook


Do you ever feel badly psychological and need an injection of happiness? According to Tim Cook you have to go to an Apple Store because it's like taking Prozac, a pity we do not have in Greece.

During his speech at the Goldman Sachs conference, Tim Cook explained why the Apple Store is so successful. The reason is that these are not just shops, but places where someone will go and learn things about Apple. Like a fantasyland for technology.

"I'm not sure if the word" Store "is more appropriate" Cook said. "They have a bigger role than a store is simple. The world does not think Apple's central, but thinks of the local Apple Store that she loves. "

Before the iPad was released, people believed the tablet was a huge ugly thing to carry with it. But if there were not the Apple Store to change it, iPad would not be that successful today. "Our store is a place of discovery, I do not think the iPad would be so successful if it were not. It gives us a huge advantage. "

Cook says that when he does not feel good psychologically, he goes to an Apple Store to get his mood up. "If I ever feel badly psychologically, I go to an Apple Store. It's like I'm taking Prozac "

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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