YouTube is leaving the flash

The most popular online video viewer, YouTube, has decided to abandon the flash for HTML5, which will now be the norm.

html5 YouTube

Over the last four years, the YouTube is experimenting with HTML5, and it has now been announced that it will be the basic template for running the service in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 8, and all the Firefox trial versions. This decision is likely to affect the speed at which a video is uploaded, especially in conditions of increased Internet traffic and connections that handle large volumes of data.

Adaptive Bitrate, or abbreviated ABR, allows Youtube to adjust the resolution and bitrate as the conditions of use of a network change, resulting in a halving of the online video buffering phenomenon. At the same time, HTML5 allows the open standard VP9, which allows you to view higher quality video with smaller volume files, which enhances the loading speed, especially for those using mobile Internet.

Everything indicates that HTML5 is moving towards full Web dominance, with Adobe's flash being abandoned by an ever-increasing number of services and from widely used platforms such as Apple's iOS operating system.


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