Tonido: a private cloud server on your computer

Tonido Server allows you to access all files on your PC from a browser, via smartphone, tablet or even DLNA enabled devices.

The settings are a game. Get started on your own personal cloud in minutes. Just install the Tonido Server software and your computer will be converted to a private Cloud server.

Access your files from anywhere. Share large files and folders with your family, friends, and coworkers.


Create public links so that everyone can access your content or create a secure private shared cloud that you only share with some people. Back up and sync as many folders as you want.
Enjoy photos, music and videos from anywhere and from any device. You will no longer be concerned about its capacity on your phone or tablet.

The application works on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac or iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone. and Raspberry Pi.


After installing the application you will need to create an account in the service, which also has a menu in Greek. Of course as you understand it to be able to connect to your computer remotely through the browser, the machine that has its role server it should remain open. 

You can stop running your private Cloud by turning off the Tonido Network from the task bar. The address to connect to is as simple as setting it.

For example

The application is ideal as a personal Cloud server. Your files are on your computer and not on a third party server.

Download the app on the platform you are interested in:

Tonido for Windows

Release Notes →

free Download

Tonido for Windows USB Portable Edition

Release Notes →

free Download

Tonido for Mac

Release Notes →

free Download

Tonido for Raspberry Pi

Tonido for Linux (64 bit)

Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu 12.04 or later running on Intel x86 64-bit.

Tonido for Linux (32 bit)

Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu 8.04 or later running on Intel x86.

Install Information →

Tonido Docker ImageDebian Jessie.

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