Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent

10 most downloaded movies with BitTorrent for this week as presented by Torrentfreak.suicide-squad bittorrent

Ranking(last week)MovieIMDb Rating / Trailer
1(1)Suicide Squad6.7 / trailer
2(...)Don't Breathe7.5 / trailer
3(9)L6.6 / trailer
4(2)Star Trek Beyond7.4 / trailer
5(...)Captain Fantastic8.0 / trailer
6(3)Mechanic: Resurrection5.8 / trailer
7(4)Captain America: The Civil War8.1 / trailer
8(4)Independence Day: Resurgence5.4 / trailer
9(...)Mr. Church7.3 / trailer
10(5)The Infiltrator7.2 / trailer

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