Top-5 smartphone applications to automatically create video from photos

See in this article top-5 smartphone apps that can make a video clip using your photos.


Smartphones have limited processing power compared to a classic desktop computer. So if you want to make a video from your photo gallery then you need a very good program. In fact, since video editing has resource requirements, it can be very time consuming and requires practice for a good result, then you definitely need an application that covers all of the above. Fortunately, there are many applications that merge photos to create a video clip quickly, easily and seamlessly.

1. Google Photos

Many of our readers already use Google Photos ( Android, iOS ). The popular program has a great photo management, combined with free unlimited storage (provided you do not mind a little compression). Furthermore, the Google Photos can automatically create slideshows and animations from your images.

In early 2018, Google reviewed the features of the application and the latest version allows users to create movies by selecting ready-made themes such as "Selfie Movie" and "A time full of smiles", etc. or simply selecting photos. In the ready-made themes Google Photos will automatically try and find the best photos and video clips that match them. In addition, the application puts music in your videos!

2 Magisto
The Magisto ( Android, iOS ) is released as a smart processor that makes the film a simple affair. Users simply select the movie style they think best fits their photos. This helps Magisto understand your audience and your purpose. For example, Magisto will make a different social media ad video and a different wedding theme. Once the video style is selected, users choose which video clips or photos they want to appear in their movie. Finally, users choose which music they want to use as a sound mat.

Users then sit and relax as Magisto works automatically. It is extremely easy to use, making it ideal for people who have no previous video editing experience. In addition, Magisto has a social media connection so you can easily share your clips online. Unfortunately, Magisto offers a premium version, which upgrades some of the restrictions on free, especially the ability to download your clip for playback on other devices such as PC or TV.

3. Story
The Storyo ( Android , iOS ) automatically generates beautiful videos from your images and video clips, just like the other applications in this list. The difference is that Storyo will analyze your photos and videos and identify time groups and location tags. With this metadata, Storyo can automatically search your photos and create beautiful presentations and video collages that revolve around a specific time or place.

Since the simplicity of taking a photo with a smartphone as well as its inexpensive use, allows end users to have countless photos on their mobile phones, with most of them duplicate and boring, the Storyo solution can free you from endless search.

4 Quik
The name of this app gives you an idea of ​​what to expect. The Quik ( Android, iOS ) is made by the company GoPro and can quickly create impressive video clips. All users have to do is select the photos and videos they want to use in their creation. If your videos were recorded with a GoPro camera, the Quik will analyze these clips for smiles, faces, cheers, speed and much more to highlight the best moments and ensure that they appear in your video. Alternatively, if recorded by something other than GoPro (eg smartphone), users can manually select the moments they want to appear in the video.

Quik also allows users to apply filters to their original media, as well as overlay the final result with text and stickers. In addition, Quik has a library of 100 songs that can be used as a soundtrack to your complete project. If you do not find a track that you like, you have the option to upload a song from your collection. Quik also has a connection to social media for easy sharing as well as downloading your clips in full HD resolution.

5. Adobe Premiere Clip
For those who want a more complete video editor, look no further than Premiere Clip ( Android, iOS ) by Adobe. The Premiere Clip has an automatic video creation tool, where users can select a soundtrack and adjust the video pace. Premiere Clip will adjust your photos to the beat of the music. Users can select music from the program stock or upload their own. In addition, Premiere Clip offers a connection to social media for easy internet sharing.

Plus, if you have more time, Premiere lets you edit your video manually. You can place the clips on a timeline where you can cut them and add visual settings such as transitions from one scene to another as well as other effects. Additionally, videos created with Premiere Clip can be opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This allows users to start editing a video first on their mobile and when they get home to finalize it with even more powerful software.



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