The Tor network was probably attacked by researchers

In accordance with network Tor, used for the preservation of anonymity of users during web browsing, said it fell victim of attack between February and July 2014.


Tor network believes the attack came from researchers at CERT (Carnegie Mellon's Computer Emergency Response Team) and not by a personal data thief or government agency.

Rumors indicate that CERT researchers canceled one speech which they would give at the Black Hat conference this year, on the likelihood of somebody succeeding to breach the network and the protection it offers, and it is said that this was the reason they did not talk because they eventually did.

So far it is unknown how much data the attackers managed to squeeze and store, as Tor can not say anything with certainty, but things do not seem to be good, especially for a privacy-protected network.

If, however, the above attack was done for research purposes, then CERT will come necessary feedback so Tor can improve.

All this was announced after Russia's decision to 100 offers thousands of dollars to anyone who breaks Tor.

Source: The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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