Tor Browser 11 for anonymous surfing

Tor Project today announced the release of Tor Browser 11.0, the latest version of the anonymous web browser based on Mozilla Firefox and the Tor project.

This version has been in development for over a year. Today, however, it has been released and is ready to be used by those who want to protect their privacy by remaining anonymous on the internet while surfing the Web.
tb 11 cover.jpg

It is based on the Mozilla Firefox 91 ESR (Extended Support Release) and Tor open source software to enable anonymous communications, and features a new look borrowed from Firefox 91.

Almost every element of the UI has been updated in this version.

"To ensure that it meets the new experience, every part of the UI in Tor Browser has been updated to match the new look," the developers say.

In addition to the new look, Tor Browser 11 is the first fixed version of the anonymous browser that completely eliminates onion v2 services. It uses Tor by default, so the v2 onion addresses will no longer be accessible.

The new v3 addresses use 56 characters, compared to the 16 characters used in v2 addresses.

Tor Browser 11 is built for GNU / Linux distributions using GCC 10.3.0, and the Linux toolkit has been updated to use the mozilla91 package. Additionally, the RLBox sandboxing API has been temporarily disabled for Linux binary.

Download the new browser

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