Tor Browser 7.0 cross-platform browser for anonymous surfing

Tor Project announced the release of the final version of Tor Browser 7.0. The new Tor Browser 7.0 uses the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR (Extended Support Release), and is an important update that introduces the e10s media editing and sandbox from Mozilla Firefox.

It also enables Linux and MacOS users to further secure the installation of the Tor browser via the Unix Domain sockets when communicating with the anonymous Tor network.Tor Browser 7.0

Developers of the application to further improve non-discovery and fingerprinting capabilities have been able to isolate cookies, Permissions APIs and view-source requests in the first URL bar domain and disable and fix various technologies such as WebGL2, WebAudio, SpeechSynthesis, MediaError.message property, Social, and Touch APIs.

The new version of Tor Browser 7.0 provides support for the latest Tor, Torbutton, Tor Launcher, HTTPS-Everywhere 5.2.17, NoScript 5.0.5, and Go 1.8.3 anonymous.

Read full changelog and download the Brow Browser 7.0

Version 7.0 - Linux (64-Bit) 
DownloadLinux 64-bit
Version 7.0 - Linux (32-Bit)

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