The new Tor Browser 7.5 has been released with security updates

Tor Browser 7.5 was released yesterday, a security update to the popular Web browser that uses the Tor network to help users maintain anonymity while surfing the Internet.

The new version of Tor Browser includes important security updates. It is based on Firefox ESR 52.6 and includes the corresponding security fixes as well as the corresponding version of Firefox. Firefox ESR is the version of the well-known Firefox browser with higher version support that receives regular security updates, but does not receive other types of updates often enough (though not as often as the regular version of Firefox browser).

7.5's version Tor Browser is an important update, as it is the first to include support for "the next generation of Onion services", as well as other significant improvements.

You can see them notes of this edition on the official Tor website blog. Supports all current operating systems and you can download from here.

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