Installing Tor Browser in distributions based on Arch Linux

Days ago I tried to install it σε ένα υπολογιστή με Manjaro, ένα based on Arch Linux.

The installation did not work because the distribution did not recognize the public key signing key (PGP) as legitimate.

So I had the following error:Thu

If you encounter the same σε όλες τις διανομές που έχουν σαν βάση το Arch Linux (Antergos, Os, Manjaro, Archbang, Linux) follow the steps below:

Add the (same) key manually from the terminal with the following commandtor key

gpg --keyyserver --recv-keys 2E1AC68ED40814E0

and run the installation command from AUR

yaourt -S tor-browser-en

Follow the instructions displayed on the terminal by adding the yes or no that are needed and the installation will proceed smoothly without errors.

So Tor Browser will appear on your system:
Tor Browser gnome The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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