Tor network: Is it finally anonymous?

A recent study on the possibility of discovering the identity of anonymous network users Tor (The Onion Router) has caused a lot of "turmoil" in the online community. So much so that the project developers issued a statement to calm things down, stating that the percentage of false positives makes such attacks useless.Thu
The study was issued after six years of research by Professor Sambuddah Chakravarty of the Indraprastha Institute of Informatics, from New Delhi. In short, the professor reports that the 81% of the IP addresses of the Tor network users can be revealed through traffic analysis collected by Cisco routers through NetFlow technology. You can find the research On the Effectiveness of Traffic Analysis Against Anonymity Networks Using Flow Records, here (PDF).

tor hacked

Chakravarty said that under laboratory conditions he was able to uncover all anonymous addresses. When the technique was tested under real conditions, the accuracy was reduced to 81,4% and a false positive 12,2% was recorded.

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The percentage of false positive results was 6,4%. According to Roger Dingledine, developer of the Tor project, this value is extremely important, because it shows that on a large scale, the whole attack looks like someone is looking for a needle in a haystack. Thus he claims that the attack is ineffective.
The Chakravarty project is based on identifying similarities in traffic flow patterns entering and leaving the Tor network. The data from NetFlow has not been perfected enough, and to balance this drawback, the type of attack proposed by the researcher requires a server controlled by the intruder and "introduces deterministic disturbances in the traffic of anonymous visitors."

This could be part of a government plan, or a monitoring service, designed to observe the traffic flowing through Tor servers in various places. The other view that comes from the Tor Project developer says that users still have no reason to fear that their identity may be revealed when using Tor.

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The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but there is a well-known proverb, "if you do not glorify your house, it will fall on you."

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