Tornado: Reverse shell through Tor network

Tornado uses the tor network with the Metasploit-Framework based and more specifically msfvenom where you can easily create hidden services for your local onion network.

If you have experience with different remote management tools, you probably know that you need to port forward with a virtual private network or using ngrok, but with tornado, the tor network offers the ability to make services hidden, without identifying the location of the attacker .

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  • Creating a hidden service with the tor network
  • Creating a cross platform msfvenom payload and executing the shellcode undetected
  • The hidden service is made available outside of the tor network and is ready for reverse shell connection


  • Downloading the repo
    $ git clone
  • We install the requirement packages for the program to run correctly
    $ sudo python3 install
  • We run the program as an administrator
    $ sudo tornado


$ sudo tornado -start


  • Integrity in the Windows operating system
  • Reverse Shell without Tor2web

You can download the program from here. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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