Torrent Tornado download torrents directly from Firefox

Do you use Firefox and want to download some torrent? Good news, you can do it directly from your browser by adding an add-on. We present it to you Torrent Tornado.

Its main advantage is its simplicity. Torrent Tornado does not require installation from an .exe, but only with the addition of an add-on. It can be used immediately after you install the browser extension and the required reboot.Torrent Tornado

The browser extension will add a new icon to the Firefox main toolbar. You can hide it if you do not want it to look. Besides, you can start the add-on without the startup button just by going to about: downloads-torrent

Torrent Tornado recognizes magnet links to .torrent files. So every time you see something interesting in Firefox, with one click you can download it.

The extension displays an add torrent dialog every time you click on a torrent file or a magnet link in Firefox. The window displays information about the torrent and all the files that will be downloaded to your computer.TorrentTornado

Additional information appears at the bottom of the selected torrent when it starts to descend. Information refers to seeders, leechers, a list of downloaded files, download completion rate, status, and associated peers. You can stop torrents, or cancel them at any time. In addition, it is possible to add new torrent files manually.

As far as the options are concerned, they are a little limited compared to a normal torrent client.

However, you can change the maximum cache size and the maximum number of peers. You can modify download-upload limits, block IP addresses.

If you use Firefox and you prefer a client that can be embedded in your browser, Torrent Tornado is for you.

Although it does not offer many advanced features, it is very easy and comfortable to use. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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