Torrentfreak: banned by the Greek Syzefxis

Ban στο Torrentfreak! Ναι το είδαμε και αυτό. Γνωρίζετε το δίκτυο ΣΥΖΕΥΞΙΣ (Syzefxis); Σύμφωνα με την σελίδα του δικτύου:

"SYZEFXIS" is a project of the Ministry of Administrative Reform & e-Government (YDMID), which seeks to develop and modernize the telecommunications infrastructure of the Public Sector. It is an access network and backbone for public bodies, in order to cover all the needs for communication between them by Telephony (telephone communication between institutions), Data (computer communication - Internet) and Video (teleconferencing - teleeducation).


The aim of the project is to improve the functioning of public services, by upgrading communication with each other through the provision of advanced low-cost telematics services, and to provide unified customer service with automated and user-friendly information and transaction processing systems with Public.

Of course, like any self-respecting service, it has restricted access to certain unacceptable websites by the National Security Network Content Security Policy.
So if you try the extremely dangerous you will see the following message:

Unauthorized access!

You are not allowed to access the site you have chosen as it contains content that is prohibited by the applicable Content Security Policy for the National Public Administration Network.

Category: N / A
Banned site:

In case you consider the evaluation of non-access by the system wrong. you can contact the management department at

Copyright 2011 OTE – Syzefxis Network

Of course Facebook and other social networks are allowed for civil servants, so to pass the time more happily find bro!

All porn sites are also allowed, so for the public / public who have troubles and misfortunes.

The National Public Administration Network, however, can protect all civil servants from the bad influences they may receive from a TorrentFreak posting news from the pirate scene.

On the other hand, this ban is a censorship in Greece in 2020, in a source of information regardless of its subject!

Please note that TorrentFreak does not share αρχεία files.


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