Toyota is preparing a flying car for the Olympic flame

Toyota is preparing a flying car and hopes to light up with the Olympic flame in Tokyo 2020.


Cartivator, a group of about 30 engineers, including some young Toyota, began to develop from 2014 a flying car named "SkyDrive".

Cartivator head Tsubasa Nakamura said that although the car is still at an early stage of development, the team expects to carry out the first manned flight around the end of 2018.

On Saturday, the team presented an original model, which was able to make a flight for a few seconds. Nakamura said the model needs more stability so the prototype is able to fly away and high enough to reach the Olympic flame.

Cartivator's engineers are aiming to build the world's smallest electric vehicle, which can be used in small urban areas, hoping to market this 2025 car.

Companies around the world are competing for who will develop the first vertical take-off and landing car. Uber Technologies Inc. has already announced plans to develop a 2020 taxi service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Dubai. The Airbus team is also working to develop a flying car.

In a nutshell, it is not long before we see, apart from unmanned conventional cars on the streets, unmanned flying vehicles in the air. Problems that arise and concern the legislative provision of flights over cities are believed to be easily solved for the benefit of large companies.

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