TPM will eventually not be so mandatory

Microsoft is used to duplicate messages. The company announced Windows 11 on June 24 stating that not all computers will be able to upgrade to the new operating system if they do not have newer processors and TPM 2.0 chips.

According to Microsoft executives, the security of Windows 11 is important and that is why the company has made TPM 2.0 mandatory. If you have TPM 1.2 or no TPM at all, you will not be able to get the new upgrade, or at least we knew that .

It turns out that TPM, which is extremely important for security according to Microsoft, will not be mandatory for all systems. According to Microsoft (!), TPM will not be required for "special purpose" devices.

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According to Microsoft, in special purpose devices and customized orders the requirements will be more relaxed after approval by the company.

"Once approved by Microsoft, OEM systems for special purpose commercial systems, custom orders and customer systems do not need TPM support enabled," Microsoft said in a new document.

In other words, OEMs can still build computers without TPM.

The same document also confirms that Windows 11 will run on any virtual machine without any TPM control.

Microsoft is obviously working on a new method or preparing a new installation image that can bypass the TPM requirement. Of course, existing users can also bypass the TPM 2.0 requirement by modifying their registry or installation media according to the leak.

What does this mean in practice?

If Microsoft leaves a gap in the use of the TPM module, hacks will be released that will allow installation on incompatible computers. Let's see what will happen to the 7th generation processors that the company does not allow…

We uploaded the company PDF because who knows can change it again…




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