Translate Man Firefox add-on translation of web pages

Translate Man is a plug-in for the Firefox browser that you can use to translate anything that appears on a web page.

Translate Man Firefox add-on

Mozilla has been working on integrating a translation service into the Firefox browser, but to date we have not seen anything worthwhile.

Of course, there were extensions that brought the translation function of Google Chrome to Firefox. One of the first was gTranslator for Firefox. The extension essentially copied Google Chrome's translation capability, but with the exception that users had to do it manually. This extension, as with many others, such as "Translate This", are no longer available.

The Mozilla Foundation started developing a translation feature in 2014 and reportedly integrated it into some Nightly versions of Firefox. 

The project started again at the end of 2018 after years of inactivity, and the goal was to release a translation feature with the fixed version of Firefox 63. Firefox 63 was released, but we are still waiting for the translation.

Translate Man is a translation extension for Firefox that you can use to translate anything instantly. The extension works a little differently from Chrome's translation feature, but uses the Google Translate API for its translations.

Supports translating individual words, phrases, and paragraphs. Just click the extension icon in the Firefox address bar (see the two images above) to make sure the desired output language is correct, and enjoy your translation.

Add the extension to your browser.

Note: From we do not recommend adding, and using extensions in any browser you use, as each add-on burdens the performance of the browser.


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