Transparent or transparent images with free tools

If you are dealing with image processing, you may have already encountered the problem. How can you create images with a transparent background or transparent background?Transparent

Let's start with the basics: JPG / JPEG and PNG are two of the most popular image formats in circulation.

JPEG is preferred for its small size, while PNG images, often larger in volume, support transparency.

Converting a JPEG file to PNG does not automatically add a slide to the image, and so far there is no converter that automatically removes the background, making it transparent.

To remove the background from an image, you need an image processor.

You can easily translate using Photoshop, but this application is for professionals and costs.

Below we will see how to remove a background by giving transparency to an image with two different free apps.

It should be noted that if a picture has a background with a single color it will be much easier to become transparent than another image that has a background with many colors and shades.

So a JPEG containing a logo will become much easier to see from your vacation photos, since you need to spend a lot more time to remove a beach from the background.

Transparent images with PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre is a free image processor. Install the application and open the image from which you want to remove the background.
Click the Magic wand tool in the toolbox. This tool can select all impressions of a color in an image, provided it is not separated by another color.

For example. if your image has a three-color, red, yellow, and blue pattern, if you click on the blue it will select only the blue and not the other two colors. You will need to click in each color separately.

Once a color is selected, press the delete button to remove it. After you remove the background, save the image as a PNG file. If you save it as JPEG or JPG, you will lose the transparency.

Magic wand tool is very sensitive and expensive to choose colors. In low quality images it will be difficult to remove the background. If your background has shades of the same color, the tool will only select the shadow you click.

Download PhotoFiltre

Transparent images with Paint.Net

Paint.Net is a popular open source image processor. The oldest Windows Paint application can / could not remove the background from an image to create slides. Paint.Net can. If we even compare the results between Paint.Net and PhotoFiltre, Paint.Net is better.

Install the app and open the image to which you want to add a slide. Click on the magic wand tool and select the color you want to remove.

Click delete, and then save the image as a PNG file.

Download Paint.Net

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Let's say there are too many free options. You can say to use the applications GIMP ή Pixlr.

Let's remind once again that for images with a colorful background, you will need to spend a lot more time selecting the colors you want to remove, as the Magic wand tool can only select one color at a time.

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