Three Android and iOS apps for weight training

Η γυμναστική με βάρη μπορεί να σας φανεί βουνό αν είστε αρχάριος, αλλά εκτός από τους προπονητές που μπορούν να σας βοηθήσουν, υπάρχουν πάρα πολλές εφαρμογές για κινητά Android και iOS, που μπορούν να σας δώσουν ένα πρόγραμμα να ακολουθήστε, καθώς και ένα σωρό άλλες λεπτομέρειες.

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You all know that exercise is essential for a healthy body, but most of the time the hard part is getting started. If you feel that a lot of arcane knowledge is required to get into this sport, then the following three weight training apps can help you get started in no time.

Using these apps also allows you to set up your own personal gym at home, giving you information on the equipment you'll need, in addition to of course a huge variety of exercises and weight training techniques to perform safely.

For the most part, these apps will do everything but the heavy lifting for you.

1. StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

stronglifts app

With over 94.000 nearly five-star reviews, and over a million downloads, the StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log app is the go-to strength training resource for many people.

Get started by creating an account. You'll answer questions about your weight training goals, whether it's to increase strength or build muscle, as well as how often you can exercise. (Most users choose to work out typically three times a week.) There's also a section where you indicate how much experience you have in this type of exercise, including an option for complete newcomers.

Once your account is set up, you'll have your first choice of workouts. Depending on the equipment you have available, this can include squats, deadlifts and benches. When you start training, it also offers detailed information about each exercise, as well as a video that shows the correct kinesiology. It explains everything from foot placement to breathing times, so you'll understand the safest way to perform the exercise.

Εκτός από την οθόνη Προπόνηση (Workout), έχετε επίσης πρόσβαση στην οθόνη Ιστορικό (History), η οποία δείχνει τις προηγούμενες προπονήσεις σας. Η οθόνη Πρόοδος (Progress) εμφανίζει την πρόοδό σας με την πάροδο του χρόνου, ενώ η ενότητα Βίντεο (Video) προσφέρει μια λεπτομερή εξήγηση για τα πάντα, από την ρόδα κοιλιακών (Ab Wheel) έως τα βαράκια καρπού (Wrist Curls). Για τους νεοφερμένους στην ενδυνάμωση με βάρη, αυτή η εμπεριστατωμένη βιβλιοθήκη με περισσότερες από 100 ασκήσεις είναι μια ανεκτίμητη πηγή.

You'll need a subscription to access all the material, and there's a seven-day trial period to try the app for free.

Download: StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log for iOS | Android (Free, available in-app purchases)

2. Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans

fitbod workout app

If you need workouts that can be customized and challenge you to go the extra mile as your strength increases, consider the Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans app.

Get started by filling out a quick survey with questions about your exercise motivation and equipment availability. The Fitbod app also works with your experience level, offering plenty of options for complete beginners. You will need to create an account.

Dumbbell exercises, leg press sets and bicycle crunches are some of the exercises you can expect from the Fitbod app. Video tutorials are available to make sure you perform each move safely and correctly.

The app also makes it easy to replace exercises. If you can't do a certain exercise, swipe left to replace it with another or delete it. In the settings screen, you can also choose to exclude specific exercises.

Additionally, the app is easily customizable, with settings for bodyweight-only exercises (no equipment), interval training, and equipment workouts. If you're interested in a set consisting entirely of exercises with a kettlebell, for example, then the app offers that.

You can also update your fitness goals at any time, shifting your focus to bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just increasing your general fitness level.

Download: Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans for iOS | Android (Free, available in-app purchases)

3. Gymshark Training: Fitness App

gymshark training fitness app

If you're looking for a completely free app with no ads or other distractions, then Gymshark Training: Fitness App is definitely worth a try.

In the Featured tab, you will see the suggested workout of the day. Scrolling through the main screen you'll find a list of top exercises as well as default collections. Collections include routines for home workouts, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and ab and core exercises.

The Workouts tab allows you to browse exercises by type, duration and equipment. For those new to weightlifting, posture and full-body weightlifting exercises would be a good idea to start with.

Want to create your own routine? In the Create tab, you can select exercises from the app's library to create your own personalized set. The library also includes videos that demonstrate the proper kinesiology for each exercise. Set your own reps and weight, then enjoy your personalized workout.

The Progress tab tracks your personal deadlift, squat and bench performance, as well as a record of your previous workouts.

For the most part, the Gymshark app offers a huge amount of free content, including weight lifting and lots of general fitness exercises.

Download: Gymshark Training: Fitness App for iOS | Android (free)

Start weight training with the help of these apps.
Whether you're returning to the gym after a long hiatus, or you're new, weight training can become a part of your workout routine with the help of these strength exercises. Learn proper kinesiology, add exercises to your workout and record all your progress with these three apps. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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