TrickBot Trojan the next major banking threat

After many months of testing, the new banking Trojan called TrickBot has launched attacks on personal and professional bank account holders in the UK and Australia.

TrickBot is said to be fully functional and develops two advanced server-side manipulation techniques injections and redirection attacks) to disrupt banking sessions.trickbot

Its effectiveness was first tested by its creators last month, and in November it released two new synthetics in its malware. One targets customers from four banks in the UK with redirect attacks, and the other hits Australian bank account holders using server-side injections.

Users of financial institutions in New Zealand, Germany and Canada are also targets of TrickBot but to a lesser extent, to date at least.

Malware distribution options by its creators show a preference for business bank accounts.

"They are sending it malware with spam in companies, in waves ", says her security consultant IBM, Limor Kessem. They have also tried Rig exploit kit.

Researchers say TrickBot has similarities to Cutwail malware botnet and uses the same crypter as Vawtrak, Pushdo and Cutwail.

TrickBot is ready to become the next big threat, and a serious contender in the banking market malware.

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