Three tricks of Windows 10 that you do not know exist

Check out these three simple and clever Windows 10 tricks that will simplify your life and you probably do not know exist.

Windows 10

Learning Windows 10 is not difficult if you have time to read tons of material to cover every feature. But even when you think you have seen it all, there will always be something that will surprise you.

Things like, a keyboard shortcut, a new option or lesser known feature, turn Windows 10 into an even more user-friendly operating system, allowing you to do your job very easily.

Today we are going to show you three keyboard shortcuts that you probably do not know and that will really help you save a lot of clicks.

Shift + click on taskbar icon = Restart the application
If you are working on an application and want to start a new window of the same application, you can do so by simply pressing Shift and clicking on the application icon.

However, you need to have the application icon placed on the taskbar, but since most people already have the most used programs on their taskbar, you will find this trick quite practical.

CTRL + Shift + Esc = Task Manager
This hotkey has been around since the beginning of Windows 10 and always refers to the Task Manager. This program is one of the most useful pre-loaded tools in Windows 10 and that is why Microsoft is so interested in further improving its feature updates.

However, most people start Task Manager using the traditional method, which includes right-clicking on Taskbar> Task Manager. However, if your mouse is not available or does not work, you can use the keyboard by pressing CTRL + Shift + Escape to launch the Task Manager.

This key combination is also useful in cases where your device freezes and the taskbar no longer responds. Task Manager can still be started from the keyboard.

CTRL + Shift + click = Run as administrator
Some applications in Windows 10 require enhanced permissions, and there is no doubt that most people rely on the traditional method to start an application with administrator privileges, which includes right-clicking the icon> Run as administrator.

This is without a doubt the easiest way for the majority of users and we personally use it on a regular basis. But how do you feel about being able to start an application with administrator privileges via a keyboard shortcut?

All you have to do is press CTRL + Shift and then click on the application icon. Works everywhere on your device, including the Start menu.

Of course, there are many more hotkeys and simple tricks to help you dominate the world of Windows 10. Let us suffice today with these three and from time to time we will return with additional techniques.

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