Troktiko the True Video Story

troktikoNew post from Troktiko, but this time it comes to shake the stagnant waters.

The blog published a documentary explaining why and how in its tragic story.

From YouTube where the video was uploaded

The documentary "troktiko-the true story" is a personal project shot with the same media (ie at no cost other than personal work) from February to early July 2013.
It did not happen earlier, because I did not know anybody other than Socrates Gioli. So it took me too much time - and eventually it took a juncture and a random encounter - so I can get somewhere on the edge of the yarn and find people who really knew the story firsthand.
My aim was not to repeat the already known and written in newspapers and websites, but to try to gather new material that is first heard and tries to answer the normal questions: who, when, when, why and why?
Watching the testimonials of people who have lived through the whole story of, everyone now has more information to form his own opinion.

Costas Lakafosis - July 2013

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