Try Apple's iWork from iCloud without an Apple device

If you are curious to see what its alternative is Apple for Office Online and Google Docs, but you do not own an Apple product, luck now smiles. The company now allows anyone to create an iWork beta account for iCloud without requiring any Apple

The website of Apple displays a message stating that anyone can enroll and use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications from iCloud. You just have to go through a registration process to create a new Apple ID, and you're ready. You will also have 1GB storage on iCloud. (Wow!)

In the past, just having an Apple ID (as for iTunes) was not enough to access iCloud. You must first set up iCloud on an Apple device. If you try to access the regular Apple website (and not the beta) with the Apple ID you use for iTunes only, the site will ask you to have an Apple device and set up iCloud on it

If you try to use the same login information on the beta site, you will be prompted to verify your account. Once you enter the verification code that will be sent to your email, you will be able to access iCloud from the beta website without any problems. So welcome to Pages in Windows:

However, you can not just sign up for iCloud on the Beta website and expect to have permanent access to the regular iCloud page. Even after you sign up through the beta, the normal iCloud website will still block you from logging in, giving you a "login error".

It seems that Apple is becoming more lenient for its products used in non-Apple devices. Reports released recently reported the upcoming Android music subscription service for Android.

Does this move make sense? maintaining the requirement that parent software is linked through Apple hardware has a logic in terms of optimization but reduces the widespread use of iCloud on the Internet. Opening cloud software to other platforms helps bring more people into the Apple system, which can ultimately be beneficial to the company.

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