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The Windows App Studio it is one free, online application creation tool which allows you to quickly build Windows and Windows Phone applications, upload them to the store, queue them and share them with others.

Windows App Studio

Try it Windows App Studio now

Make changes, add content, easily from the phone to the tablet view and see your app come alive. And if you want to add more advanced features, Windows App Studio produces source code ready for Visual Studio - an item that no other app-builder tool has.
Watch This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Windows App Studio Beta Walk Through to learn more.

  1. You have a good idea: Choose from templates for sports teams, product catalogs, city guides or create yours.
  2. Add content: Put pictures, videos and RSS feeds.
  3. Give style: Choose color combinations, create live tiles, splash screens, and lock screens using your content. Between the phone and the tablet to see your changes.
  4. Use it! App Studio builds your app while generating the source code that you can use to add extra features.

Another important feature is the TouchDevelop.
With TouchDevelop you can write code directly for each device and use sensors and media through high-level APIs. This way, App Studio users have access to hundreds of thousands of TouchDevelop apps and games while they can create applications ready for distribution through the Windows Store with just a few clicks.

So make your application and take part in the European Application Contest MICROSOFT AppCup 2015 now!

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