Tsunami: A network security scanner

Tsunami is a general purpose network security scanner with an expandable add-on system for detecting high-risk vulnerabilities.

To learn more about the Tsunami, visit σελίδα.
Tsunami relies heavily on the add-on system to provide basic scanning capabilities.

All publicly available Tsunami plugins are hosted in a separate repository google/tsunami-security-scanner-plugins .

Current situation

  • Tsunami is currently in pre-alpha release for developer preview.
  • The Tsunami project is under development. Expect significant API changes in the future.


install the following required kits:

nmap> = 7.80 ncrack> = 0.7

start a vulnerable application that can be identified by Tsunami, e.g. an unauthorized Jupyter Notebook server. The easiest way is to use a docker image:

docker run --name unauthenticated-jupyter-notebook -p 8888: 8888 -d jupyter / base-notebook start-notebook.sh --NotebookApp.token = ''

run the following command:

bash -c "$ (curl -sfL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/google/tsunami-security-scanner/master/quick_start.sh)"

The quick_start.sh script runs the following processes:

  1. It clones them google / tsunami-security-scanner repositories in the upcoming years, while google/tsunami-security-scanner-plugins in the $ HOME / tsunami / repos folder.
  2. Gathers everything the Google Tsunami add-ons and moves all their jar files additions in $ HOME / tsunami / plugins.
  3. Writes the Fat Jar file of the Tsunami scanner and moves it to the $ HOME / tsunami folder.
  4. Moves tsunami.yaml config to $ HOME / tsunami.
  5. Print an example of the Tsunami command to scan using previously created objects.

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