We talked to the Turkish hacker of PAOK's official page

PAOK (PAOK FC) was the big winner in the 2017 Cup final, beating AEK 2-1 at Panthessal Stadium. It was the 5th Cup in the history of the "Biceps of the North", which, it seems, was celebrated by other fans, the technical team and the players of the team.PAOK

Some time ago, however, another news went through the fine print of the media, probably because they did not consider it serious.

Turkish hackers violated PAOK's official website and gained access to the database, which as you will see below contains many sensitive information.

We searched for and found the hacker who was responsible for the attack. His team is THT by TurkHackTeam, which, according to what we mentioned, is a member of the Turan Army community.


Let's see what he told us about his team, history and hack:

Turk Hack's team is a member of the Turan Army community. Founded in 2002, it is one of the oldest Cyber ​​teams in Turkey.

He has carried out many cyber-security attacks on Turkey's cyberspace. We define ourselves as an Atatürkist group and a nationalist Turkish hacker (Nationalist Turkish Hacker group).

There are many groups of hacking inside it (bg: it means the group). They are the Anka and UnderGround team.

The Turk Hack Team was first announced by hacking at MSN.COM under the leadership of ZoRRoKiN. This group, which shows that it is fighting against any kind of cyber threat against Turkey, and delimits itself in the underground world of the Internet.

2015, the team announced its name through many impressive hacking businesses. They call themselves Chyber.

Our mission: Terminate sites that publish bad things about our country, our language, our religion, our beliefs, the ethics of society, and these values.

Hack is done for shipment not for pleasure.

Provide free support to websites that are accurate, honest and moral.
Turk Hack is working for the Country.

About PAOK hack:

The reason for CrueL's attack on PAOK is the refusal of the Greek government to hand over the troops of the coup in Turkey. As TurkHackTeam we do not feel hatred for any community or race. I would like to point out that these attacks are not against the people of Greece.

The team leader reiterated that:

We certainly do not hate the Greek people. The problem is, why do not you give us the couples.


Some information from the database:

Below we will see screenshots from PAOK's official website PAOK FC. For good reasons, we've deleted the information that appears (usernames, e-mails, and hashed passwords).

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