Turkey: Free spook hawk

hawkEven in a world like him, the main ingredient of which is paranoia, a story like this still goes beyond every imagination:

A falcon that had been arrested (!) As a spy suspect was released (and probably without restrictive conditions) by the Turkish authorities as after radiographs in which they submitted a bird to the desert, they discovered a monitoring device for the implantation of which the Israelis are believed to be responsible.

The hawk initially caused suspicions because of the metal ring he brought to his foot with the code "23411 telavivunia israel»Something that led the residents of the Altinaiva community who found it to hand it over to the local authorities…

The bird then went into unbelievable medical adventures as he was examined by radiology at a university hospital to see if he had implanted in the body of the microchip, or other spying machines, according to Millet's report, which had a photo of her on her first page radiograph of the hawk, titled "Israeli agent".

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