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Turkish Internet companies disguised as Google DNS !!

Google DNS

Google DNS

Her decision s to block access to popular websites prompted many citizens of the country to use DNS of Google to circumvent the ban. Today, the company said that most Turkish internet service companies have disguised in Google DNS, obviously to spy on their users.

Η κίνηση αυτή έρχεται μια εβδομάδα μετά από την απαγόρευση των DNS της εταιρείας από την Τούρκικη κυβέρνηση “Έχουμε λάβει πολλές αξιόπιστες αναφορές και έχουμε επιβεβαιώσει και με δικές μας έρευνες ότι οι Google (DNS) have been intercepted, "the company said in a blog post.
What does "intercepted" mean? Turkish Internet service providers have disguised themselves as Google !!

During the early days of Turkey's ban on and later on YouTube, the citizens were able to restore their access to websites by routing their traffic through Google's DNS. But now Turkish ISPs have set up servers that appear to be Google's, according to Google's announcement, putting users at risk of being tracked by the government.

Turkey blocked access to which we mentioned above when the Prime Minister, Recep Erdoğan, found himself embroiled in a scandal. Recordings were leaked from the banned networks proving that the Turkish prime minister's son has large sums of money. Erdoğan has denied the authenticity of the recordings, saying they are the work of his rival, Fethullah Gulen. It has since banned access to the websites, believing it would stop the leaks, but also the social outcry.

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